Cookie Information

Information on How Cookies Work

This information page is intended to inform the User about how Cookies are used during their navigation on the Sites and Applications, on any Device. Here you will also find information on how to control the removal of already existing Cookies or limit the recording of new Cookies.


For the sake of simplicity and understanding of this information page, the following terms are defined as follows:

  • "Cookie(s)": refers to all trackers placed and/or read on Users' Devices, as defined in the "What Is a Cookie?" section below.
  • "Device": refers to all types of terminals on which the Sites, including, but not limited to, computers, tablets, and smartphones, are published.
  • "Sites": refers to the websites published by and their mobile versions available on Devices, including, if applicable, mobile apps.
  • "User(s)": refers to anyone who consults the Sites and/or contributes to the participatory spaces of the Sites.

What Is a Cookie?

The term "Cookie(s)" refers to all trackers (pixel tags, bugs, web storage, etc.) placed and/or read, for example, during the consultation of a website or the execution of a mobile application.

It is, therefore, information deposited in the persistent memory (e.g., hard disk) of the User's Device by the browser at the request of the Site or a third-party script present in the visited Site. Only the server that originated the request for the Cookie deposit will subsequently be able to access the information deposited, always via the browser.

In the specific case of mobile applications, it is the application itself that directly controls Cookies and can store and read information related to the current navigation in persistent memory. In no case can another application present on the User's Device access the stored information.

The Cookie contains several data:

  • the name of the server that placed it;
  • a pair of name/value that may or may not contain personal data (examples: "language" = "French" or "unique ID" = "123654");
  • possibly, a Cookie expiration date.

This information is sometimes stored on the Device in a simple text file that the browser accesses to read, transmit information to the server of the visited page, and record information.

In no case can a Cookie be spyware or a virus.

These Cookies can be Cookies or Cookies from third-party companies whose code integrates into its pages or applications.

Purposes of the Cookies Present on the Sites

The Cookies placed during navigation on the Sites or Applications of have the following purposes:

  • Ensure the operation of the Sites ( Cookie);
  • Record data provided by the User to personalize their experience ( Cookie);
  • Locally store information necessary for the provision of a specific service ( Cookie);
  • Locally store information that allows optimizing navigation ( Cookie);
  • Collect usage statistics as reliably as possible ( Cookie and third-party company Cookies);
  • Measure the advertising objectives of digital advertising campaigns conducted by (third-party company Cookies);
  • Share content with third-party company services (third-party company Cookies);
  • Allow the delivery of advertisements tailored to user interests (third-party company Cookies).

These purposes are related to the Cookies detailed below.

Cookies on the Sites

Cookies Necessary for the Operation of the Sites

These Cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the Sites, especially to optimize their performance and streamline navigation on the Sites. These Cookies do not contain personal data.

Cookies Necessary for Customizing the Operation of the Sites

These Cookies allow for remembering User choices during their navigation on the Sites and Applications.


  • Purpose: Saving the choice of "cookie banner"
  • Owner:
  • Maximum Storage Duration: 13 months
  • Consent Management: Not required

Identification Cookies

Identification Cookies are used in the process of creating and/or logging into the User's personal area. They allow the User to access their account and/or area using their credentials.


  • Purpose: Persistent login by selecting "Remember me"
  • Owner:
  • Maximum Storage Duration: Session duration
  • Consent Management: Not required

Cookies for Audience Measurement and User Experience

These Cookies are intended to collect statistics on visits and the use of the Sites, as well as the use of services offered on each of them. They also allow to improve the functioning and usability of the Sites and Applications.

The tools used are configured so that only has access to visit or click volumes without information about a specific individual.


Tracking Cookies Offered by Social Networks

The Sites offer application buttons that allow for sharing certain content present on the Sites via social media platforms.

These application buttons use Cookies to track user navigation.

These include, for example, the "Share" or "Like" buttons from social networks.

When the User clicks on one of these application buttons, the page of the corresponding social network is displayed. However, even if the User does not click on the application buttons available on the Sites, the social networks providing these application buttons may identify login and navigation data on the Sites.

Cookies are placed directly by social networks. Therefore, User decisions regarding the acceptance of these Cookies must also be managed directly by social networks. For this purpose, invites Users to consult the websites of social networks and their policies on personal data protection and Cookies.

Example: see tracking pixels below

Cookies Enabling Personalized Advertising Targeting

When the User accesses one of the Sites displaying advertisements, this ad may contain a Cookie containing a unique identifier.

These Cookies also enable:

  • To track the navigation carried out by the Device (and by extension, the user's behavior) on all the "partner" sites of the Cookie owner;
  • Advertising agencies to present the most relevant and suitable ads to the User's interests;
  • For the User to limit advertising pressure with messages that are not relevant or of little concern to them;
  • To count the number of views and activations of advertising content distributed on third-party sites/applications, identify this content and these sites/applications, determine the number of Users who clicked on each content;
  • To calculate the amounts due to the actors in the advertising distribution chain (communication agency, advertising agency, site/support for distribution) and to establish statistics;
  • To adapt the presentation of the site to which one of the advertising contents leads based on the display preferences of the User's Device (language used, display resolution, operating system used, etc.) during their visits to the Sites and based on the equipment and software for viewing or reading that their Device contains.


Tracking Pixels

Very similar to Cookies for personalized advertising targeting, tracking pixels allow services that also offer advertising services (usually social networks like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.) to qualify the audience of the site by linking it to their own information.

Specifically, these platforms supplement their own knowledge of the User by adding an interest in the site. This personal data is therefore governed by the terms and conditions of the respective platforms. Like advertising Cookies, tracking pixels allow the presentation of content and ads that are most relevant to the User.

They also enable the measurement of the performance of targeted ads that distributes through these networks.


Cookie Storage Management - How to Accept or Reject Cookies?

Users can, at any time, change their preferences regarding cookie storage through third-party services or their Internet browser settings.

This way, users can allow or refuse the storage and/or reading of all or part of the cookies.

Prior Consent to Cookie Storage

It is considered that the user has given consent to the storage of cookies on all sites if:

  • they continued their navigation by clicking the "Accept" button in the banner informing them of the use of cookies,
  • they continued their navigation on the homepage by scrolling down,
  • they continued their navigation by clicking on an element of the site, such as an image, a title, a button, etc., or by accessing any other page than the one they accessed on one of the sites during their first connection,
  • they continued their navigation without configuring the trackers after clicking on the "learn more" button in the banner informing them of the use of cookies.

This consent is valid for a period of thirteen (13) months from the first storage on the device. After this period, consent will be requested again for the use of these cookies on each of the sites visited.

Rejecting Cookies

In accordance with the information provided above, the configuration can change the conditions of access to the customization services of that require the use of cookies, without affecting access to the sites. If the browser is configured to reject all cookies, users will not be able to access services based on storing personalized choices.

How to Accept or Reject Cookies?

Managing cookies through manual configuration is possible directly in the browser. In this regard, the configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu and will allow you to find out how to change cookie preferences. Here are the help pages for:

► Information is also available on the "data protection (GDPR)" page.