GIF and animated GIF Compression

Compress and optimize your gifs online with our GIF image compressor to reduce file size

You can choose up to 50 images in GIF format. To do so, you can either select them from your directories or simply drag them into the dotted area. Before uploading your GIFs, specify the compression level and the output image format, as you can also convert GIF images, animated or not, into other image formats.
Once you've chosen your GIF-formatted images, please wait until the compression and/or conversion are completed.

You have the choice to download the compressed images one by one, or to download them all at once in a single ZIP archive.
If the compression quality of your GIF and animated GIF images is not satisfactory, you can adjust each GIF individually by clicking on its thumbnail or modify all your images by changing the compression rate and then clicking the « REFRESH » button.

How to compress a GIF online?

Discover our GIF image compression tool, completely free, it is designed to be intuitive and requires no download. No registration is needed and your images will not be watermarked.

  1. Determine the compression level for your GIF images before uploading them online:
    • Best Quality: Your GIF image will undergo light compression to prioritize visual quality above all.
    • Best Compression: This option applies a high level of compression to your GIFs, aiming for the most significant possible reduction in image size while maintaining acceptable visual quality.
    • Choose the compression rate: It's up to you to set the compression level, from 1 (maximum compression) to 100 (no compression). Balance your image between visual quality and file size, the choice is yours!
  2. Upload your GIF files using the « ADD IMAGES » button or simply drag and drop your files into the designated area.
  3. Please wait a moment while your images are processed. Once compressed, you will see the level of compression on each thumbnail as well as the space saved.
  4. Adjust the compression sto your liking for each image using the slider. Once you are satisfied with the result, confirm with the « OK » button. If you wish to readjust the compression for all your images, change the level and click on « REFRESH ».
  5. Retrieve your compressed GIFs images using the « DOWNLOAD ALL IMAGES » button to get your images in a ZIP file. You can also download each image individually if you prefer.

If you want to compress more GIF images, remove those already processed by clicking on « DELETE ALL » and restart the process. Compressing your GIF images is simple and fast, allowing you to optimize your GIFs while maintaining excellent quality.