Compress WEBP image

Reduce the size of your WEBP images on

Select up to 50 WEBP format images either by picking them from your folders or by dragging them directly into the dotted « Drag & Drop » area. Decide on the compression rate and the output format of the images before uploading them; you have the option to convert WEBP images to many other formats.
After selecting the WEBP format images, please wait while they are compressed and/or converted.

Next, you have the freedom to individually adjust the compression quality of the WEBP images by clicking on each thumbnail.
You can download the compressed images one by one by clicking on the « DOWNLOAD » button available on each thumbnail, or download all your compressed WEBP images, gathered into a ZIP archive, by clicking on the « DOWNLOAD ALL IMAGES » button.

How to compress a WEBP image online?

Discover our WEBP compressor, easy to use and requires no downloads or registration. Moreover, your images remain pristine, with no marks or watermarks.

  1. Set the compression level for your WEBP images before uploading:
    • Best quality: Minimal compression is applied, prioritizing the image quality above all.
    • Best compression: The default option; the compression rate applied to your webp images; striking a balance between significant compression while maintaining pleasant image quality.
    • Choose the compression rate: You have the freedom to adjust the compression level from 1 (high compression) to 100 (no compression). Find the right balance between quality and file size according to your preferences!
  2. Upload your WEBP files using the « ADD IMAGES » button or drag and drop them directly into the designated area.
  3. Please wait while the WEBP images are being processed; you will then be able to view the compression rate and space savings for each image.
  4. Adjust the compression if needed for each Webp image. Use the slider to find the perfect balance and confirm with « OK ».
  5. Retrieve your compressed WEBP images using the « DOWNLOAD ALL IMAGES » button (you can also download each image individually).

To compress other WEBP images, remove the previously processed ones by clicking « DELETE ALL » and restart the process. Our online webp compression tool allows you to obtain lighter WEBP images while maintaining excellent quality, perfect for webmasters looking to optimize their web page loading speeds.