Compress ICO image

Reduce the size of your ICO images for free with our online tool.

You can select up to 40 ICO format images by choosing them from your folders or by dragging and dropping them directly into the drop area. You also have the option to convert your ICO files into other formats by selecting the format from the "Output Extension" list.
After importing your icons, please wait until the compression and/or conversion of your ICO files are completed.

You can download the compressed ICO images one by one or download a ZIP archive containing all the compressed ICO files.

i Modifying the compression rate parameter (image compression) has no effect on the compression of a .ICO image; the compression will always be identical; This parameter will be useful and effective if you convert your ICO file to another format (PNG, JPEG, GIF...).

How to compress icons to ICO formats online?

Take advantage of our free ICO compressor without registration; the icons remain watermark-free and unbranded after compression.

  1. Determine the compression rate for your ICO images before uploading:
    • Best quality: Minimal compression is applied to prioritize the visual quality of your ICO image.
    • Best compression: This option applies a high compression level to your ICO format images, aiming for a significant reduction in file size while maintaining decent visual quality.
    • Choose compression rate: Freely adjust the compression rate from 1 (highly compressed) to 100 (no compression), striking the right balance between image quality and file size.
  2. Upload your ICO images using the « ADD IMAGES » button or by dragging and dropping into the designated area.
  3. Please wait momentarily as your ICOs are optimized according to the chosen settings. Once an image is ready, compression details appear, including space savings.
  4. Adjust the compression for each ICO file if necessary. Select an image by clicking on its thumbnail, then adjust the compression level using the slider until you reach the desired level. Once satisfied, confirm by pressing the « OK » button. All of this is applicable if you are converting your ICO files, as the choice of compression rate has no impact on the ICO format.
  5. Retrieve your ICO images using the « DOWNLOAD ALL IMAGES » button. If you wish, individual download is also available for each image by clicking on the « Download » button located on each thumbnail.

To compress more ICO images, delete those already compressed by clicking on « DELETE ALL » and repeat the process. Our ICO compression solution provides an efficient way to minimize file sizes while maintaining optimum quality.