Compress image online

Compress image online without losing quality

You can select up to 25 images by choosing them from your folders or by dragging them directly into the designated dotted area. Beforehand, you can choose the compression rate as well as the output format for image conversion.
After selecting your images, please wait until the compression and/or conversion is complete.

You can then readjust the compression quality of the images individually by clicking on each thumbnail.
You can download the compressed images one by one or in bulk in a ZIP archive.

How to compress an image online?

Our online image compression tool will allow you to compress all your images for free in just a few clicks. You just need to follow these steps:

  1. Access the online compressor that will allow you to reduce the size of your images with many supported formats (png, jpeg, gif, webp...).
  2. Choose the compression rate you want for your files before starting to upload them:
    • Best quality: A slight compression rate will be applied to prioritize quality!
    • Best compression: By default, the compression rate applied to your files; a balance to achieve significant compression while maintaining good quality.
    • Choose the compression rate: It's up to you to select the compression rate between 1 (file with the highest compression rate) and 100 (no compression), and to adjust the ideal rate to find a balance between quality and file size.
  3. Upload your images you wish to compress by clicking on the « ADD IMAGES » button or drag and drop your files into the area.
  4. Please wait a moment while your photos and files are processed and compressed with the previously selected rate.
  5. Adjust the compression rate if necessary for a specific image by clicking on the desired image and use the quality slider to modify the compression rate. When you're satisfied with the compression and the file quality, click on the « OK » button to confirm.
  6. Download your files by clicking on the « DOWNLOAD ALL IMAGES » button to download a ZIP archive containing all compressed images. You can also download files individually by clicking on the « DOWNLOAD » button located on each thumbnail.

If you wish to compress additional images, you can delete existing images and restart the process!

Why compress an image?

There are several reasons to want to compress an image or file:

  • To have more storage space: The main reason is that reducing the file size helps save storage space on your personal hard drive, server, or mobile devices that typically have limited storage.
  • To save money: Storage space has a certain cost, whether for web servers or for mobile devices like tablets or smartphones where adding additional storage can be quite expensive.
  • Speed up transfer and loading: Compressing your images allows for faster transfers and sharing, with smaller files requiring less time to transfer!
    • For webmasters, this means lighter web pages, leading to faster web page loading for a better user experience (yes, visitors are impatient), reducing bounce rates, and thus improving SEO!
    • For the average user, there are also benefits like faster online image sharing and uploading. The time-saving is not only noticeable during uploading but also when transferring files from one hard drive to another or to a USB drive.
  • To preserve bandwidth: Webmasters can also benefit from compressing images and files by conserving bandwidth, which is also a significant and costly component in setting up and administering a web server; you'll be able to reduce the weight of web pages, allowing them to load faster!

Saving storage space and thus money, speeding up image transfers, enhancing the performance of websites and apps... there are many advantages to image compression!

Compressing an image: how does it work?

The compression technique that reduces file size uses a lossy method, meaning some data is simply eliminated. How does this work?
The image is analyzed and regions with little visual detail are detected. It's these regions that will be compressed more compared to areas with a lot of details. Thanks to this, we can maintain a visually pleasing quality to the naked eye (by choosing a reasonable compression rate) while drastically reducing the size of our image. Be cautious, excessive compression can degrade image quality, making it less suitable for specific tasks like high-quality printing or photo editing.

Is it safe and secure to compress images on

On, you have a tool to compress your images that is not only 100% safe but also 100% free! Our servers are secure and everything is automated: your photos truly remain private, no one can see what you upload, what you compress or convert.
If you decide to erase everything using the « Delete All » button or if you remove a photo using the small cross, it disappears for good. And if you forget? No worries, everything is automatically deleted after 2 hours.