Compress PDF Online

Compress all your PDF files online for free without registration

You have the possibility to select up to 10 images in PDF format by choosing them from your folders or by dragging and dropping them directly into the dotted area. You can also convert your PDF files to other formats, such as converting a PDF to JPG/JPEG or PNG, for example, simply by selecting the desired format from the "Output Extension" list.
After you have imported your files, please wait until the compression and/or conversion of your PDFs is complete.

It is possible to download the compressed PDF files one by one or download a ZIP archive containing all the compressed PDF files. If you convert a PDF file to another format and the PDF has multiple pages, you will get multiple images as output: one image for each page!

i Changing the compression rate parameter (file compression) has no effect on the compression of a PDF file (the compression will always be the same); This parameter will be useful and effective if you convert your PDF file to another format (PNG, JPG, GIF...).

How to Compress a PDF Online?

Using our online PDF compressor is completely free, and no registration is required to use this service. So, you can freely use this tool to compress as many PDF files as you want without any watermarks or markings being applied to your files.

  1. Choose the compression level you want to apply to your files before starting the online PDF upload (this option is used if you're converting your PDF file to another format, as for a PDF, the choice of compression rate won't have any impact):
    • Best quality: A slight compression will be applied to prioritize visual quality above all.
    • Best compression: Offers a balance between good compression and good file quality (applied to your files by default).
    • Choose compression rate: You can choose a compression level between 1 (maximum compression) and 100 (no compression) and adjust the ideal level to find the balance between visual quality and file size.
  2. Upload your PDF files that you want to compress by clicking the « ADD FILES » button; you can also drag and drop your PDF files into the dotted area.
  3. Please wait a moment while your PDFs are being processed and compressed! Once a PDF is compressed, you can see the weight before and after compression, the compression level on the thumbnail, and the storage space saved after compression, all of this for each PDF.
  4. Adjust the compression level by clicking on the thumbnail and using the quality slider to adjust the level as you wish and confirm the changes by clicking the « OK » button (you can adjust the compression of all files by changing the compression level and pressing the « REFRESH » button). All of this is applicable if you're converting your PDF file (for example, converting the PDF file to a JPEG image), as unfortunately, the PDF format cannot be directly displayed on a web page, and the choice of compression level has no impact on the PDF format.
  5. Download your PDF files by clicking the « DOWNLOAD ALL FILES » button to get a ZIP archive containing all the compressed files. You can also download each file individually by clicking the « DOWNLOAD » button located at the bottom of the thumbnails. If you convert a PDF file to another format, such as JPG, PNG, or others, and the PDF contains more than one page, you will get an image created for each page of the PDF file.

To compress more PDFs online, clear the current files by clicking the « CLEAR ALL » button and repeat the process. With our PDF compression tool, you can easily and quickly reduce the size of your files while maintaining good visual quality.